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Private Doctor Platinum & Gold Health subscriptions are aimed at both private and corporate customers – for a shortcut to faster diagnosis and treatment. Health, safety and satisfaction are in everyone’s interest. We believe that the Private Doctor Health subscriptions can positively affect all these factors – and possibly even contribute to reducing sickness absence in the workplace. For companies, attention is drawn to the fact that the Tax Authority has decided that the Private Doctor subscription benefits are fully deductible for companies, provided that the employee is taxed. Read more here (Danish only /

Private Doctor Health subscriptions are based on a number of core services:

Private Doctor Medical Line

The patient has direct telephone access to medical specialists without waiting or changeover, between the hours of 07:00-24:00, 365 days a year. The service can be used to guide, assess the need for medical consultation and order repeat prescriptions. Your doctor may, if necessary, arrange for emergency hospital treatment based only on the information gained by telephone.

Private Doctor Home Consultation

As the only provider that offers Private Doctor medical visits between the hours of 07:00-24:00, 365 days a year. We serve the entire Greater Copenhagen region and aim to be at your address within 90 minutes. There is plenty of time for a thorough and competent examination of the patient and we can often dispense medication so that treatment can be started immediately.

Private Doctor Extra’s

  • The doctor may take blood samples at your home/office/summerhouse or any registered address within Greater Copenhagen and you will be notified of the results directly.
  • Laboratory work & results provided directly with you.
  • Your Doctor can arrange a specialist medical assessment, private scans, hospital admissions and referrals to specialist.


Two types of subscriptions:

PLATINUM SUBSCRIPTION – can be subscribed throughout Greater Copenhagen region of Denmark and provides unlimited access to the Private Doctor Medical Line all year round – with direct telephone access to a specialist in general medicine and with minimal or zero waiting time. The Platinum Subscription also gives access to 8 Private Doctor Home Consultations per year* (per household). The patient simply calls the Private Doctor Medical Line to arrange where and when our on call doctor should meet – then our doctor will be dispatched and aim to be with you within 90 minutes. Ideal for most households.

GOLD SUBSCRIPTION – provides access to 3 Private Doctor Home Consultations per year* (per household). The patient simply needs to call the Private Doctor Home Consultation Line and the doctor on call will be at your registered address within 90 minutes. This no fuss subscription is ideal for households, that don’t require the added benefit of the Private Doctor Medical Line.

* Principles of medicine: Prescriptions: in the case of Medical Line Consultation alone, antibiotics and general non-addictive drugs are only prescribed in exceptional cases. Renewal of prescriptions for regular medication depends on the type of medication. Prescriptions are only issued to pharmacies in Denmark.